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LineVue™ Makes an Impact at ESMO

May 24, 2011

​Kinectrics’ LineVue™ system for inspecting the steel cores of aged ACSR conductors garnered a great deal of attention and interest among the over 1600 registrants and exhibitors at last week’s ESMO conference in Rhode Island, USA. Both the inside and outside practical demonstrations of the LineVue™ unit were very well attended throughout the 4-day show.

“We are extremely pleased to be getting the word out to the industry—especially at important professional conferences—about  this exciting new technology”, stated Craig Pon, Manager of Kinectrics’ Transmission Lines and Testing Lab.  “The positive response and growing interest in LineVue™,  is due to the product’s ability to meet a latent need for this type of transmission line inspection device”, said Pon.