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Kinectrics conducted a case study with the CANDU Owners Group (COG) for the implementation of a method to mimic and predict the performance of reinforced concrete structures when subjected to elevated temperatures.

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Instrumentation for Concrete Structure Evaluation

Expert Services using instrumentation for concrete evaluation and rehabilitation
Kinectrics Concrete Assessment and Repair group offers a wealth of expertise and experience in design, installation and repair using a broad range of instrumentation for evaluation of dams, generating stations, earth dykes, site characterization, and environmental assessment.
Kinectrics provides expert services in:
  • Pendulum / plumb line systems to measure deflections in large concrete dams
  • Sliding micrometer installations
  • Inclinometer and tiltmeter
  • Surface and borehole extensometers
  • Pressure meter / dilatometer in soil / rock / concrete
  • Vibrating wire and multi-level piezometers
  • Deep rock benchmarks / survey monuments and grids
  • Precision alignment / elevation surveys
  • Borehole camera surveys
  • USBM stress testing in rock and concrete
  • Automated remote data acquisition
  • Pressure, temperature, flow rate, level, displacement, strain, stress

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  • Hydroelectric

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  • Inspection
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  • Testing - Field Services

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  • Vacuum Building

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  • Materials Testing and Structural Integrity


  • Concrete Repair
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  • Concrete Rehabilitation
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  • Pendulum Drilling
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