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Bulk Electric System Reliability Evaluation

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    The US Energy Policy Act of 2005 required that mandatory and enforceable reliability standards be developed and enforced by an Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The ERO, formed by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), issued 107 reliability standards, 83 of which were accepted by FERC. Some of these standards deal with the Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability evaluation. This course provides the background necessary to understand the methods and tools for the BES reliability evaluation. 

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    Course Outline

    Module 1 - Reliability Concepts

    • Review
      • Reliability Management
      • Deterministic Approach
      • Probabilistic Approach
      • Cost-of-Worth Reliability\
    • Optimal Risk

    Module 2 – Power System Reliability

    • System Adequacy
    • System Security
    • Criteria and Factors
    • Indices for Distribution Systems
    • Operating States and Planning Applications
    • Interruption Reporting 

    Module 3 - Probability Concepts

    • Events and the Axioms of Probability
    • Loss-of-Load Probability Computations
    • Random Variables

    Module 4 – Reliability Computations

    • Modeling Reliability
    • State-Space method
    • Monte Carlo Simulation

    Module 5 – Customer Supply Reliability

    • Load Point Reliability
    • System Reliability

    Module 6 – Examples and Case Studies

    • Generation Reliability
    • Substations
    • Combined Generation and Transmission
    • Ranking of Network Components
    • Measuring Past Performance
    • Predicting Future Performance

    Who Should Attend

    ​This course is designed for:

    • Power System Planners
    • Power System Operators

    Key Benefits

    Gain an understanding of:

    • Probabilistic vs. deterministic approaches
    • Techniques of bulk electric system reliability evaluation
    • Strengths and shortcomings of available computer programs


    • Stephen Cress P.Eng

      Stephen Cress is the Manager of Kinectrics’ Transmission & Distribution Departments. He is an authority and recognized expert in arc hazard analysis and a co-developer of the ARCPRO™ software application.​

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