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AC Hi-Pot and Cable Commissioning Testing of Transmission Class Cables

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    Starting with an introduction to cable design and insulation failure mechanisms, this course provides the basics for understanding issues which result in post installation failure of newly-installed cable.  Referencing international standards, test methodologies are compared and contrasted, reviewing the theory and practical implementation of each methodology.  Best practices are identified, and specific examples and case studies provided.  Finally, Kinectrics’ presents and shares with course attendees experiences in the field and lessons learned related to the implementation of cable commissioning testing.

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    Course Outline

    Cable Defects, Deterioration & Aging

    • Manufacturing defects
    • Insulation aging
    • EI aging
    • Electrical trees

    Aspects of Transmission & Distribution

    • Limiting factors
    • Length of cable
    • Electrical noise

    Test Methods

    • Cable testing philosophy
    • Electrical tests
    • Decision framework
    • After-laying acceptance testing
    • Maintenance testing

    Commissioning Testing

    • Kinectrics Resonant Test System (RTS)
    • AC Hi-Pot testing
    • AC Hi-Pot and PD 138kV XLPE
    • Partial Discharge (PD) testing

    Maintenance Testing

    • PD testing
    • On-line PD
    • Dielectric spectroscopy

    Kinectrics Case Studies

    • Experience with on-site acceptance and diagnostic testing
    • Case Study 1: AC Hi-Pot and PD
    • Case Study 2: On-line PD (230kV)
    • Case Study 3: On-line PD (5kV)
    • Case Study 4: On-line PD (27.5)

    Who Should Attend

    ​This course is designed for:

    • Utility engineers
    • Project managers and middle management
    • Cable manufacturers 
    • Cable installers
    • Third-party and independent consultants

    Key Benefits

    ​Gain an understanding of:

    • Issues resulting in post installation failure of newly-installed cable
    • Test methodologies
    • Case Studies


    • Hassan Younes

      ​Hassan Younes, BSEE is a process-oriented engineering and management professional with over 28 years of progressive experience in HV & EHV electrical testing, design and management environments.

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