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Overhead Distribution Standards Practical Engineering

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    This is a theoretical and practical course for Distribution engineers to supplement their knowledge on the development and application of Utility Design Standards for Overhead Distribution systems. The course includes an overview of the design and/or application of the major equipment assets for a power distribution system. This course is taught by subject Matter Experts who can be the "go to" for participants in the future and, will combine classroom lecture with tours in Kinectrics labs and a working field trip.

    Knowledge and skills gained in this course will teach utility engineers the fundamental design considerations for an overhead distribution system, the application factors for distribution equipment, and electrical and mechanical design fundamentals for an overhead line. the course will provide background on the fundamental development of Utility Overhead Line Design Standards.

    Lab tours throughout the course allow for inspection of items such as distribution transformers, fuses, distribution cuts and arrestors. A half day "inspection field trip" includes the identification of overhead distribution equipment.

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    Course Outline

    Overview of Overhead Systems Components and Application Considerations (S. Cress)

    • Distribution Poles, Guys, Anchors 
    • Insulators
    • Overhead Conductors and Connectors
    • Polemount Transformers, Fuses and Arresters
    • Capacitors and Regulators
    • Switches, Breakers and Reclosers
    • Tour to observe components

    Relevant Standards and Specifications for Overhead Line Design (A. Koert)

    • Canadian Standards Association
      • C22.3 No. 1 and 7
    • Ontario Electrical Code
    • US National Electric Safety Code
    • ANSI/IEEE Standards
    • Canadian Transport Commission
    • Canadian National Railway

    Pole Line Structural Components and Loading (M. Jalali)

    • Poles - Types and Grade
    • Pole Class Section
    • Insulators
    • Framing Styles
    • Guying - Wire, Insulator Rods, Clamps and Anchors
    • Soil Classification
    • Anchors Holding Strength
    • Guying Calculations

    Conductor Sags and Tensions (M. Jalali)

    • Factors Affecting Sag and Tension
    • Impact of Environment
    • Sag-Tension Computations
    • Conductor Swing and Vibration

    Conductor and Equipment Clearances (A. Koert)

    • Transmission Factors Affecting Clearance Values
    • Clearances related to
      • Above ground
      • Other circuits
      • Navigable Waterways
      • Railway Crossings
    • Special Requirements
    • Clearance Calculations

    Hydro One Overhead Distribution Standards (S. Cress et al)

    • Overview of Standard Document and how to use the Hydro One Distribution Standards
    • Examples of Applying the Hydro One Distribution Line Standard


    Who Should Attend

    This course is designed for:

    • Utility Asset Managers
    • Utility Engineers
    • First Line Management

    Key Benefits

    Course participants gain valuable knowledge and skills and will learn from:

    • Classroom lectures delivered by experts
    • Lab visits for inspection of items such as distribution transformers, fues, distribution cuts and arrestors (see list below)
    • Field trip for first hand identification of overhead distribution equipment

    List of Distribution Equipment (partial)

    • Conductors and distribuiton connectors
    • Pole and padmount transformers
    • Vault transformer
    • Arrester
    • Cutout
    • Short Cable sections of different types
    • Short conductor samples of various sizes andtypes
    • Recloser
    • Regulator
    • Vault transformer



    • Stephen Cress P.Eng

      Stephen Cress is the Manager of Kinectrics’ Transmission & Distribution Departments. He is an authority and recognized expert in arc hazard analysis and a co-developer of the ARCPRO™ software application.​

    Training Locations

    • Head Office

      800 Kipling Ave., Unit 2
      Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 5G5