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Partial Discharge (PD) in Cables: Lowering the Risk of Unforeseen Cable Insulation Failures

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    This course provides a solid introduction to Partial Discharge (PD) in Distribution and Transmission class cable systems.  Following a brief review of the most predominant insulation aging mechanisms and failure mechanisms, the course reviews PD theory, different PD test methodologies, limitations, and the practical implementation framework of each test methodology.  Several case studies are presented.

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    Course Outline

    Module 1 – Insulation Aging

    • Aging Stresses
      • Electric Aging
      • Thermal Aging
      • Mechanical Aging
      • Environmental
    • Aging Mechanisms
      • Electrical Trees (XLPE)
      • Water Trees (XLPE)
      • Thermal/Mechanical (XLPE)

    Module 2 – Test Methodology

    • Testing Philosophy
    • Electrical Tests
      • AC Hi-Pot Testing
      • Partial Discharge Theory
        • Insulation Science
        • Signal Propagation
        • Signal Detection
        • PD Testing
        • PD Sensitivity Assessment

    Module 3 – PD Testing

    • Test Set-up and Equipment
    • Test Procedures
    • Calibration/Sensitivity Assessment
    • PD Monitors
    • PD Interpretation
      • Traditional PD Plots
      • Classification Plot
      • Identification of PD Sources
      • Interpretation Criteria

    Module 4 – Case Studies

    • Commissioning Testing
      • Variable Frequency RTS
      • AC Hi-Pot Testing
        • Set-up
        • GIS
      • Partial Discharge Testing
    • Maintenance Testing
      • Partial Discharge
        • Cable Ranking
        • PD from a Cable System
      • Dielectric Spectroscopy

    Who Should Attend

    ​The audience for this course includes:

    • Utility and industrial maintenance engineers and technicians
    • Asset managers
    • Third-party consultants

    Key Benefits

    ​Participants gain knowledge of:

    • Description and detailed discussion of test methodologies
    • Identification of application framework for PD testing of cables
    • Examples from field experience


    • Hassan Younes

      ​Hassan Younes, BSEE is a process-oriented engineering and management professional with over 28 years of progressive experience in HV & EHV electrical testing, design and management environments.

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