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Steam Generation UT Inspections & TRUSTIE™ Workshop

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    ​Protecting the investment in steam generators and heat exchangers requires an inspection and maintenance system that minimizes repair costs and extends the life of these components. This course discusses and demonstrates the TRUSTIE (Tiny Rotating Ultrasonic Tube Inspection Equipment) system. Kinectrics’ experts present the information required to help you determine asset condition for optimum usage and equipment life extension.


    Course Outline

    TRUSTIE System Overview

    • Development
    • Design for CANDU steam generators
    • System components – mechanical, instrumentation and software

    Ultrasonics (UT) Overview

    • UT inspection principles
    • Imaging techniques
    • Types of UT scans
    • Types of probes

    Mechanical Drive System

    • Description of components
    • Linear and rotary drives
    • Driveshaft
    • UT probe types: normal beam, circumferential shear, axial shear
    • Assembly of components


    • Description of components
    • UT signal path
    • Cabling
    • Troubleshooting

    Software Application - Winspect

    • Data acquisition and analysis software application
    • Workspaces and workspace descriptions
      • Instrument window
      • Motion Control
      • Scan Set-up
      • Gates
    • Plot functions
    • File management​​

    Who Should Attend

    The ideal attendees for this course are staff members from the nuclear, aerospace, and petrochemical industries including:

    • Inspection technicians
    • Asset life management engineers
    • Maintenance engineers

    Key Benefits

    Gain an understanding of:
    • Ultrasonic inspection equipment used for inspecting and monitoring thin-walled, small diameter tubing
    • How ultrasonic inspection equipment provides higher resolutions than other techniques used in tubing inspections
    • Hands-on workshop using mechanical, instrumentation and software applications


    • Nick Finelli

      Nick Finelli is a Technical Specialist in the Inspection and Maintenance Systems Department. He has 20 years experience in nuclear inspection equipment design, development and usage.​

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    • Head Office

      800 Kipling Ave., Unit 2
      Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 5G5




    • Pickering

      940 Brock Road, Unit 11
      Pickering, Ontario, L1W 2A1