Ampacity Management of Cables

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Aging infrastructure in electric transmission systems forces utilities to look closer at asset utilization.  Electric power cables were sized very conservatively in the past. This course reviews the most important issues concerning cable ampacity calculations, and analyzes how cable construction and location influence the amount of current a circuit can carry. New trends in cable rating calculations are also addressed.

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Course Outline

Background on Cable Ampacity Calculations

  • What are ampacity calculations?
  • Why are they needed?
  • Some history

Important Aspects of the Rating Calculations

  • Influence of cable construction on its rating
  • The effect of cable external environment
  • The effect of other heat sources

Available Tools for Cable Rating Calculations

  • Analytical methods
  • Numerical methods
  • Hybrid methods

Demonstration of Modern Computer Programs for Cable Rating Calculations

  • A commercial computer program based on international standards
  • Finite element program for complex cable arrangements

Rating of Cables in Unfavorable Thermal Environments and Cables in Deep Tunnels

  • Cables crossing other cables and heat sources
  • Cables crossing short unfavorable regions
  • Cables in deep tunnels

Real-Time Ratings

  • The principles of real-time rating calculations
  • Input data requirements
  • Verification of results​

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for:

  • Engineers designing and operating transmission systems
  • Power cable engineers

Key Benefits

​Gain an understanding of:

  • Some SENSA information
  • Computer programs and expert tools
  • Emerging issues in ampacity calculations


  • Boguslaw Bochenski

    ​Boguslaw Bochenski, Ph.D. is a highly-qualified engineering professional with over 14 years experience in power systems, high voltage engineering and computer programming.

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