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Hydroelectric Power Structures - Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation

Practical services for dam life extension, protection and improvement

Materials and components in concrete structures have a finite service life and are subject to corrosion of reinforcements, surface erosion, freeze / thaw mechanisms, and chemical attack such as Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR).

For over 80 years Kinectrics has worked with many utilities and owners on all aspects of hydro structure assessment and repair. Our engineers and technicians offer clients the advantage of years of practical hands-on experience both in the field and laboratory, to ensure superior service and reliable, quality workmanship.

In the field, civil engineering and related studies / inspections by Kinectrics' engineers, and monitoring with sophisticated instrumentation are used to accurately detect changes, or conditions that affect structural integrity in hydroelectric dams and other concrete structures.

  • Condition Assessment, Upgrading & Rehabilitation
  • General Inspection
  • Instrumentation
  • Civil / Mechanical / Electrical Inspections
  • Monitoring & Testing
  • Sampling of Materials