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Resin Testing and Process Chemistry

Independent testing and evaluation of ion exchange resins used for water treatment in nuclear and other industries.

Services, Applications and Evaluation Facilities

Kinectrics offers independent testing and evaluation of ion exchange resins used for water treatment in numerous industries. We also provide solutions in separation science and technology (including filter testing), process development, water treatment, radioactive as well as mixed waste processing, chemical cleaning and decontamination, and power plant chemistry control.  

Our fast efficient service for numerous applications includes: quality conformance testing, process optimization using ion exchange resins in demineralization of boiler feedwater and boiler condensate polishing. Other specialized applications handled are: residential water treatment, production of ultrapure water for the manufacture of integrated circuits, air pollution control, solvent recovery and treatment of hydraulic fluids as well as other lubricants.

Kinectrics’ exchange media resin testing and evaluation facilities include expert capabilities for a broad range of services.

Chemical Testing

  • Ion exchange capacities by ASTM and other methods
  • Carbonate/bicarbonate content (including organically-bound and ionic C-14)
  • Ionic composition
  • Resin flow testing facilities (kinetics and operating capacity under once-through and recirculation modes for engineering scale-up projections)
  • Natural and process-induced fouling

Physical Resin Testing

  • Slurriability and separability of mixed bed resins
  • Wet particle size analysis
  • Crush strength (friability – Chatillon) and attrition
  • Thermal and oxidation resistance
  • Attrition
  • Specialized sampling and analysis capabilities for radioactive process resins and waste resins
  • Quality assurance and quality control testing of new resins

Additional Resin Testing / Procedures

  • Cleaning, defouling, conditioning of new and old resins including use of supercritical fluid-based techniques
  • Performance evaluation, optimization and testing including resin life for specific applications and conditions
  • Characterization of resin leachables and degradation products (including high molecular weight species, organo chlorines, and organo sulphur species)
  • Diagnosis of operating problems

Vendor-Independent Consulting

Kinectrics offers vendor-independent consulting services in the field of water and wastewater treatment and management. We provide clients with unbiased expert technical information used to accomplish cost-effective water treatment, and water conservation goals.

Our comprehensive expertise and experience covers:

  • Filter media testing (flat sheet and cartridge)
  • Key water streams
  • De-aeration and oxygen removal
  • Makeup pretreatment
  • Condensate corrosion and treatment
  • Startup and lay-up
  • Chemical cleaning and decontamination
  • Cooling water corrosion and microbiologically-influenced corrosion (MIC)
  • Power plant chemistry
  • Preparation of product procurement specificaitons for new IX resins