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Wind Generation - Advanced Solutions

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Expert services to help utility owners and managers optimize operations, minimize maintenance costs and protect the environment.

Established Expertise

Our specialists in transmission and distribution, wind generation, and environmental technologies provide advanced capabilities in:
  • System Impact & Network Penetration Assessments
  • Grounding / Bonding and Lightning Performance Assessments
  • Cable Assessments
  • Generator Commissioning and Condition Assessment
  • Seismic, Vibration & Dynamic Load Assessments
  • Substation Commissioning & Assessment
  • Protection and Control (including IEC 61850)
  • Foundation & Tower Design
  • Environmental Impacts and Mitigation
  • Integration with Smart Grid Initiatives
  • Distributed Generation (DG) 

System Impact & Network Penetration Assessments

  • Impact studies of wind generation on system operations, and assessment of the effects of various wind generation penetrations 

Grounding Services

  • Wind power plant grounding, overvoltage protection and insulation coordination studies for wind generation 

Lightning / Lightning Protection Systems (LPS)

  • DG Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) measurement and response, and lightning vulnerability
  • Capabilities include evaluation and in-depth analysis using measurements and scale modelling, to validate existing bonding, shielding and grounding effectiveness

Cable Assessments

  • Medium voltage (MV) cable asset condition assessment, including acceptance and diagnostic testing
    • Hi-Pot overvoltage withstand tests (AC and VLF)
    • Partial Discharge (PD) testing on and off-line
    • Dissipation factor (DF) testing
    • Dielectric Spectroscopy

Generators - Rotating Machine / Generator Condition Assessments

  • Partial Discharge (on / off-line)
  • IR / PI
  • Capacitance and Loss
  • TVA Probability
  • AC Hi-Pot
  • DC Ramp
  • Corona Scope
  • Acoustic Probability
  • El Cid (LV assessment)
  • RSO (LV assessment)
  • Machine inspection / assessment, life extension studies, and failure investigation

Seismic, Vibration & Dynamic Load Assessments

  • Mechanical Testing Lab
    • Universal test machines
    • Seismic tables
    • Strong floor
    • Environmental chambers
    • Conductor Dynamics Laboratory

Foundation and Tower Design – Concrete and Materials Testing

  • Tower foundation design
  • Unique, specialized Concrete Materials Testing Lab

Substation Environmental Enhancement – Accessory Systems

  • SorbWeb™ Plus system (secondary oil leak containment)
  • PowerKage (passive non-electric fence designed to protect against animal intrusion and potential substation outages)

Protection and Control (P&C)

  • Protection and Control (P&C) equipment interoperability and compatibility testing and validation to IEC 61850 standards
  • Testing and certification of protection and control equipment and systems

Environmental Impacts & Site Assessments

  • Establishment of baseline environmental conditions
  • Development of monitoring programs – current and future environmental quality 
  • Contaminant transport assessments
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Interconnection 
  • Distributed Generation (DG) resource interconnection and impact studies
  • Identifying and resolving standing issues for large-scale wind generators interconnected to local delivery distribution systems