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Kinectrics Engineers New Tool for CANDU Pressure Tube Inspections

February 15, 2011

Toronto, Ontario, February 15, 2011 – The Kinectrics Inspection and Maintenance Systems team has announced the successful development and delivery of the Circumferential Wet Scrape Tool (CWEST), an innovative tool for nuclear inspections.

CWEST is an advanced non-destructive tool designed, engineered and manufactured by Kinectrics specifically for CANDU fuel channel pressure tube evaluation. The tool provides high throughput, as well as sampling in areas of the pressure tube not previously accessible.

Kinectrics offers a wide range of CWEST products and services from full systems to turnkey field deployment.

The CWEST System collects up to 8 pressure tube scrape samples from a “wet” CANDU fuel channel in a single entry, uniquely at both the near and far rolled joint regions, as well as the body-of-tube.

Pressure tube samples are collected in an 8-compartment Sample Tray, which is located axially within the centre of the tool head. Upon completion of sampling within the fuel channel, the circumferential wet scrape tool head is removed by the delivery machine and moved to a staging area where the Sample Tray is ejected using long-reach manual tools. The scrape samples are visually inspected using a video system as the Sample Tray is inserted into a shielded Transfer Flask.

Kinectrics’ Inspection and Maintenance Systems group continues to expand its unique capabilities in nuclear inspection tooling for reliable Life Cycle Management of client assets. The group provides advanced expertise in support of nuclear station maintenance and inspections.

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