Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Engineering and Computer Design Engineering (CDE) are branches of engineering that study the measurement and control of process variables and the design and implementation of systems that use them. They are an essential component in the operation of a power plant's systems.

Throughout a generating plant, there are various parameters that need to be detected and measured including temperatures, fluid velocities and levels, pressures, and even radiation flux. Sometimes these parameters are reported in places like the control room on various indicators. Sometimes they are critical inputs to other processes with significant safety implications.

I&C and CDE are very dynamic fields of engineering and are experiencing the rapid deployment and adoption of new and emerging technologies that are further enhancing safety and design.

We help you modernize and upgrade your systems with new optimized, provenance-affirmed, cyber-secure approaches that lead to improved reliability, better control, and lower costs of ownership.

Why Us?

  • Fully Supported

    Instrumentation and control is integral to almost all systems within a power plant and requires both specialist expertise and the engagement of other engineering disciplines. Our team includes experts in cybersecurity, heat and fluid flow, radiation detection, and many other disciplines.

  • Full Range of Services

    We offer a full range of services to support you including, the preparation and implementation of technical specifications, calibration specifications, instrument uncertainty calculations, procurement, testing, and quality-assured software design, configuration, and design documentation.

  • Provenance Affirmed

    I&C systems are prone to counterfeiting and fraud. Our approved supplier list gives us access to a wide range of cost-effective components with traceable provenance.

  • Safety Related Systems

    Our safety-related systems are designed with full consideration of potential common cause failures, human factor issues, and cybersecurity.