While Environmental Qualification (EQ) is the process of testing to ensure that each piece of equipment is suitable for sustained use in its operating environment, Environmental Qualification Engineering is the management of an entire EQ program. It includes program setup, procedure writing, training, EQ design requirements, design changes, work order reviews, predefines, EQ purchasing requirements, testing, commercial grade dedication, steam barriers, oversight of contractors, licensing and audit support, and ongoing programmatic sustainability reviews.

Our ability to manage and deliver entire EQ programs is supported by our work defining and carrying out EQ tests, our expertise in safety and licensing, and our procurement engineering experience. We can help resolve any challenges that arise by engaging our subject matter experts in disciplines like materials and corrosion science, and commercial grade dedication, supplemented with our extensive approved supplier list and supply chain knowledge.

Why Us?

  • One-Stop-Shop

    We support both the environmental qualification and the EQ engineering of all types of equipment including pressure boundary components, electrical & electronic items, and emergency systems.

  • Experience

    You can rely on us as we have delivered over 150 EQ-related design changes, EQ evaluations (EQEs), EQ Assessment (EQA) Part IIs, EQ Dossiers (EQDs), and EQ List Development Packages (EQLDPs).

  • Full Support

    Our Environmental Qualification Engineering services team is fully supported by subject matter experts that can resolve any challenges that might arise.

  • Wide Array of EQ Services

    Whether it's establishing the process, conducting tests, or supporting changes to the station records that maintain configuration control, we can help.

  • Finding Alternatives

    If your existing component is found to be unsuitable for its proposed environment we will modify it to make it suitable or find an alternative for you.

  • Your Change Control Process

    Change control processes are important and if appropriate we will adopt your process to ensure seamless and efficient environmental qualification.