An electricity generating plant and its distribution system are integrated through a wide variety of machines, buildings, and structures all working together to produce and deliver electricity. Typically, they are tied together with conduits and must be resilient so that they can perform under various operating and environmental conditions such as seismic events or thermal transients.

Engineers must design systems and execute installations to optimize the location of the plant, route services to the plant, and ensure the generating system successfully operates as designed.

Working together, our mechanical, civil, and structural engineers deliver integrated solutions. Whether you are building a structure, routing pipework, installing a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system, or just doing the analysis needed to support these activities, we have the expertise to provide all the support needed.

Why Us?

  • Smart Joined-up Results

    Piping systems, HVAC systems, and structures designed by an integrated team dealing with routing, stress analysis, seismic considerations, supports, and anchorage. An integrated team makes for smart, joined-up, results.

  • Knowledge of Codes and Standards

    Our ongoing design activities mean that we are always up to date in our understanding of the codes and standards ensuring that your modifications are compliant and meet all regulatory requirements.

  • Getting it Right First Time

    Our integrated teams, strong technical leadership, and understanding of client expectations and change control processes have resulted in over 900 success stories. We get it right the first time, delivering timely cost-effective designs.

  • Supported with Subject Matter Experts

    Even simple designs may require detailed expert analysis. By having in-house access to specialists in related disciplines such as hydraulic analysis, stress analysis, seismic analysis and modeling, we work efficiently to offer complete engineering solutions.