Many activities at nuclear facilities, notably inspection and maintenance, use complex tools that are both large and robust enabling operation at a distance but also the sensitivity and accuracy needed for fine tasks to be performed. These tools are often deployed in outages and must operate reliably as soon as they are set up. If used in radiological zones they will be prone to becoming contaminated.

Servicing these tools is a specialized task and it is one in which we excel. We service a wide range of specialized tools and equipment that we use in our own fieldwork, and that we have developed for our customers. We also service third-party equipment owned by utilities.

Our servicing capability includes decontamination (to support servicing and to reduce dose to operators during deployment), inspection, assessment, repair, recalibration of sensors, and commissioning and testing of refurbished systems. We have an extensive mock-up facility for testing tools prior to redeployment.

We also support field deployment to ensure any arising issues are resolved quickly and the system is returned to operation in the minimum possible time.

*CWEST not available for sale outside of Canada until after November 30, 2027.

Why Us?

  • We Understand the Work

    Because we use equipment of this type in our own tooling portfolio we understand how it is used, the conditions in which it operates, and the importance of proper maintenance. You can be sure that your equipment will receive the same care and attention as our own.

  • Dedicated Services and Facilities

    Dedicated processes are used to support equipment that we service regularly or which has specialized maintenance needs. For example, we service our Circumferential Wet Scrape Tools (CWEST*) for their owners in a dedicated, custom-designed, facility.

  • Any Size and and any Complexity

    Our extensive licensed facilities can accept contaminated equipment of almost any size. We have maintained tools that seek microscopic flaws and primary heat transport pumps as well as cables, flasks, and cutter cartridges, in fact, anything nuclear that requires maintenance.

  • Local Services for Even Faster Response

    If it is helpful we will work with you to set up local facilities, allowing rapid transport to and from the service area and with the added benefit of boosting the local economy. One example is our Tiverton location, set up specifically to provide services to Bruce Power.

  • Minimum Cost, Maximum Availability

    The work is done by one team, in one place, enabling the work to be done efficiently and in a timely manner, minimizing costs and maximizing your tooling availability.

  • Always Ready

    Our team is always ready to provide a rapid response to any emergent issue. This rapid mobilization ability means that we can help you get back on schedule as quickly as possible.