Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the last line of defense, used when engineering and administrative controls cannot guarantee safety. It can be categorized by the area of the body protected, and garment, accessory or hazard type. In nuclear facilities, PPE is typically required when people have to access an area where radioactive contamination is present. Nuclear PPE may include suits, boots, hoods, and respirators.

PPE helps create a safety barrier between the user and the working environment but can create additional strains on the user, impairing their ability to do work.

Using our 12,000 sqft Teeswater facility, we supply a comprehensive range of designed-for-purpose, no-compromise, nuclear PPE, that is easy to use, remove, and clean. We also provide testing services for PPE and a laundering service. Our suite of PPE equipment includes mark III B PVC suits, disposable custom Tyvek garments, as well as a family of reusable launderable gloves, boots, fire-resistant coveralls, and other anti-contamination garments.

Our PPE can be purchased from us or provided as a service that includes guaranteed availability, laundry (in our advanced high throughput facility), maintenance and inspection.

Why Us?

  • Quality Design and Fabrication

    Designed by people that wear them in the field, our plastic suits are manufactured to nuclear quality assurance standards. They are durable, so they have a long life, and are easily laundered, enabling a rapid return to service.

  • Oil and Solvent Resistant

    The materials we use have been selected to avoid penetration by oils, greases, methyl hydrate, kerosene, varsol, acetone, mineral acids, or alkalines and to avoid the material decay that can be caused by them

  • Strong and Waterproof

    All the seams on our suits are stitched, and hot air welded on both sides to provide mechanical strength and ensure they are waterproof.

  • Tritium-resistant

    Tritium is very mobile and creates a significant challenge to PPE. We use materials with maximum resistance to tritium penetration.

  • Ventilated and Cooled

    The ventilation in our suits allows cool air to be supplied increasing worker comfort in areas of elevated temperature, improving efficiency and extending constructive work periods.

  • Complete with a Laundering Service

    Our radioactive laundry enables us to offer a complete PPE service that includes supply, laundering and maintenance and ensures you have cost-effective PPE whenever you need it.