High Voltage Testing Overview

Our high voltage (HV) laboratory can test and evaluate materials and the study of different HV phenomena. We can help provide the necessary information on the condition of assets as well as undertake product testing prior to market introductions. We provide quality voltage testing services supported by a world-class high voltage test facility to provide trusted support to aid our customers in making the right product investment choices.

We offer an independent, third-party service from knowledgeable technical staff with experience in advanced testing and diagnostics that provide clients with the assurance they are receiving accurate, reliable test results to facilitate informed decision-making.

For over 30 years, our capabilities in high voltage apparatus and insulation systems have successfully supported many of the largest power systems in the world. Our facilities and services have been used extensively in both electrical industry transmission and distribution research programs and by manufacturers for product development and testing standards. We welcome customer involvement to support robust testing and evaluations and work together to develop enhanced high voltages products.

Services include comprehensive indoor, outdoor, mobile, and specialized environmental testing technology supported by evaluation expertise.

Why Us?

  • Testing for all Standards & Requirements

    Our laboratory can undertake and support all your testing needs utilizing industry best-practice and standards such as ANSI, IEEE, AEIC, NEMA, CEA, IEC and others.

  • One Stop Shop

    As a world-class facility supported by an experienced and knowledgeable team, we offer an end-to-end approach to component assessment both in the field and in the laboratory prior to installation.

  • Wide Variety of Product Testing

    We can accurately assess and evaluate transmission line and station hardware, insulators, power cables, and cable system accessories to ensure you know the condition and life expectancy of each component.

  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

    Our comprehensive testing capability includes include visual corona, radio interference voltage (RIV), partial discharge, wet and dry power frequency withstand and flashover, step front impulse, and contamination (solid layer, clean fog method) tests.