Thermal hydraulics, the study of hydraulic flow in thermal fluids, is a complex discipline that incorporates conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer, phase changes, and single and multi-phase flows. It is analyzed by experts using computer codes.

Thermal generating plants often utilize thermal hydraulics to establish the way heat is transferred away from the source, typically as steam, and used to create power. It has an even greater significance in nuclear facilities, where cooling is one of the fundamental principles of safe operation. As a key input in the design of systems within nuclear facilities, thermal hydraulics largely influences plant performance, most notably it's safety and efficiency.

We offer a full range of analysis and design services that to enable you to develop efficient heat transfer systems, ensure safety in design and off-design conditions, as well as support the resolution of any arising challenges.

Why Us?

  • Wide Variety of Applications

    In addition to our comprehensive work on large-scale nuclear power systems, we also undertake design support of isotope delivery systems and safety assessments of cooling of nuclear fuels with molten metals and high-temperature inert gases.

  • Helpful Insights and Advice

    With experience supporting nuclear facility operations, through all the stages of their lifecycle, we understand the objectives of thermal hydraulic systems. By combining this understanding with the analysis, we provide helpful insights and advice.

  • Client Approved Codes

    We have experience using client-approved computer codes and will use them to support design when necessary.

  • Solutions to the Toughest Challenges

    Collaboration with our various in-house engineering disciplines positions us to resolve your toughest design challenges.