The word robot is derived from the Slavic word "robota" meaning work or job. While our vision of a robot is often of a mechanical human, robotics is actually a very broad discipline in which machines are designed to undertake tasks.

In reality, modern robotics is a combination of computer science and engineering that leads to equipment capable of moving, sensing, and manipulating using a wide variety of techniques. They can be autonomous, may be driven by remote control, or may combine both approaches.

Robots are effective in manufacturing, doing repetitive work and are also very helpful for undertaking tasks where human access is restricted, either by the available space or because of a hostile environment. They can also be used to produce more reliable results or obtain more precision than a human can achieve. They are often used in nuclear facilities to avoid or minimize operator dose by allowing operators to distance themselves from the source of radiation.

We have created a center of excellence for robotics, to allow us to assess developing technologies and innovate around them to optimize them for use in energy applications. This center gathers, assesses, and manages knowledge about machines and components so that our designers can quickly and efficiently develop the best solutions to meet your needs. The center is built around our extensive experience in robotics which has given rise to a range of inspection tools that are used in challenging environments.

Why Us?

  • Any Purpose or Application

    Our robots have crawled along pipes in high radiation fields to inspect and measure. They have retrieved radioactively hot particles from places they shouldn’t be and have snaked their way through tight orifices to effect essential repairs. Whatever your task, and no matter how complex the problem is you should ask us and watch us rise to the challenge.

  • State-of-the-Art

    Establishing a center of excellence is our recognition of the speed at which this technology is advancing. It allows us to stay at the cutting-edge of technology so we can advise on and incorporate the very latest developments in our designs, ensuring that the equipment you get is state-of-the-art.

  • Designed for Use

    We understand the environments our robots will work in because our tools have been working in those environments for decades. Our nuclear tooling is designed for longevity with appropriately radiation-hardened materials, for ease of decontamination and servicing and to ensure foreign materials are excluded. They are designed with your use in mind.

  • Design, Build and Support

    Integrating the innovation from the center of excellence with our dedicated engineering design team gives us a full design capability. The building of robots is supported by our procurement engineers, precision technicians, and programmers in our fully equipped shop. We have decontamination and servicing facilities to support our robots in the field.

  • Every Kind of Robot

    Robots that roll, crawl, snake, fly, and swim either autonomous and remote-controlled are all being tested are both autonomous and remote-controlled robots and robots that use electric motors, linear actuators, wire hydraulics, and more. We carefully examine end effectors and tools that can non-destructively inspect or effect repairs, including weld repairs. Whatever your need we will be able to identify the most appropriate way to manage it.

  • Fit-for-Purpose

    Working with our other laboratories, our center of excellence can undertake a full suite of materials, environmental, and provenance tests to ensure our designs work as expected, for as long as expected, in their working environment, no matter how challenging that environment may be.