Cables degrade for many reasons including exposure to excessive heat or cold, chemicals, weathering, abrasion, moisture ingression, and UV light. They may fail because of this degradation or as a result of damage during installation, inappropriate selection, or even rodent attack. Failure can lead to short circuits or arcing that could themselves result in safety concerns such as a fire.

Understanding the cause of failure can avoid future problems, extend the life of the asset, improve safety, and avoid costly repairs. However, with many potential causes and with the failure event often obscuring data the causes can be difficult to determine.

We use our experience, extensive testing laboratory capability, and site inspections to gather data about failures and provide a reasoned analysis of the cause of failure.

Why Us?

  • Decades of Experience

    Forensic analysis is often about identifying the issue, in a fog of data, that’s why experience is so valuable. With our experience, we have done so much that if we haven’t actually seen an identical issue, we will have seen something like it!

  • Comprehensive Investigation

    Our investigations include location surveys and assessments, a full range of physical, electrical, and chemical tests, and laboratory simulations to ensure we obtain all the information needed for an assessment.

  • Secure Handling of Sensitive Data

    By using one team, which includes the people undertaking the site investigation, as well as the testing (done in-house), the data and its analysis are easily kept secure.

  • Independent and Impartial Analysis

    As an entirely independent third party you can rely on us for comprehensive, impartial analysis that will give you the best possible assessment of the cause of failure.

  • Well Informed Solutions

    We integrate our knowledge of materials, environments, and impacts of voltage stress to undertake cable aging and failure analyses and provide informed results and actionable recommendations.

  • All Voltage Classes

    With specialized capabilities for cables designed for all voltages we do forensic analysis on anything from 600 V cables to extra high voltage cable and anything in between.