Effective teams need the right spaces to undertake work quickly, reliably, and efficiently. For repetitive tasks, these spaces can be optimized and custom-built to contain exactly the equipment needed for that job and specific processes can be developed so that activities can be repeated efficiently. One-off tasks, on the other hand, require facilities that contain a wide variety of equipment and have flexible procedures to allow a range of operations to be undertaken safely. To service nuclear equipment that may be contaminated or activated, the facilities need to be licensed and supported with appropriate shielding, containment, and waste disposal routes.

We have created a comprehensive suite of facilities, including spaces that are custom designed for a single task and flexible areas suitable for a wide range of operations that allow us to respond quickly to emergent issues. Whether you need new equipment, a new machine developed and tested, a mock-up built, or used equipment decontaminated and maintained, we have the facilities that allow us to help.

Why Us?

  • Licensed Facilities

    Designed to handle contaminated and activated equipment, our licensed facilities include shielding and containment which have approved waste disposal routes so any arising secondary materials can be managed in an environmentally sensitive way.

  • A Welcoming Atmosphere

    Staffed with professional scientists, engineers and technicians, our facilities are welcoming to people visiting to carry out inspections or tests and those staying for long-periods to rehearse in our mock-up facilities.

  • Safe & Event Free

    Safety is our highest priority and our facilities operate with this in mind. We ensure a safety culture within the organization and have operating procedures that keep our people and the environment safe.

  • Flexible Tooling Services

    Our tooling maintenance facilities handle sensitive equipment, while our Ontario Nuclear Services facility is designed to give maximum flexibility for the decontamination and servicing of large items like motors.