Commercial grade dedication (CGD) is a process that enables commercially available equipment or materials to be used in a nuclear application. It is performed on items that are safety-related and it is commonly used for electrical and mechanical components, chemicals, and lubricants.

The process involves identifying the critical characteristics of the item and then verifying their authenticity. Testing is then performed to provide objective evidence that the subject item will perform its intended safety-related function in the nuclear environment.

We help our nuclear customers by identifying the testing and verification requirements and developing a plan. We then execute the plan by carrying out all the necessary in-house testing ensuring you get a complete and reliable service.

Why Us?

  • The Plan you Need

    Expert commercial grade dedication (CGD) engineers will work closely with you to determine the safety-related applications, critical characteristics to be tested, and the test parameters required so that they can use their experience to develop the plan that you need.

  • Efficiency and Reliability

    The turnkey commercial grade dedication (CGD) approach we use sees the testing done in-house, at one location. This leads to minimum test specimen handling and our oversight throughout so that you get the reliable results you need at the minimum cost.

  • All Sorts of Equipment and Applications

    World-class commercial grade dedication (CGD) laboratories allow us to offer mechanical, electrical, chemical, environmental, and seismic tests so that we can dedicate a wide variety of equipment for a wide range of applications.

  • Complete Documentation

    Our dedication report is an industry-leading final record of the work performed for each component and contains all the information needed for plant engineers to effectively manage the lifecycle of the component.