The source term is defined as the types and quantity of radionuclides that encompass a known source and the potential for it to cause radiological exposure in a nuclear facility. It is an important part of the nuclear licensing process and it enables plant operators to minimize and manage the radiation dose to their workers.

As fission and activation products are produced in the reactor core and contamination moves around within components and systems, the source term characteristics may change and must be regularly measured and monitored.

Outage activity transport monitoring (OATM) provides the information needed to estimate the gamma-emitting radionuclides deposited on out-of-core components producing external gamma fields.

Our iSTM services include the provision of OATM surveys, source term factors analysis, sample analysis, and online monitoring.

Why Us?

  • Reliable Results

    Our knowledge of monitoring equipment and methodology, our quality-assured laboratories, and our radiation protection experience enable us to provide you with the reliable results that allow you to manage dose limits with precision.

  • Systematic OATM Survey Methodology

    The methodology we use for collecting and analyzing the radiation field and gamma spectral data in a systematic and consistent way across the CANDU fleet is recognized and outlined in the COG guideline.

  • Backed with an In-house Laboratory

    Contaminated specimens are analyzed in our radioactive laboratory enabling us to identify the radioisotope composition of crud and magnetite and estimate corrosion and activation levels in the primary heat transport system

  • Hassle Free Service

    We develop the plan, undertake the measurements and monitoring, carry out analyses, process the data, and provide advice to protect your systems and workers. It's a complete, hassle-free, service.