LineVue® Transmission Line Inspection Tool

As transmission and distribution lines age their condition deteriorates and strength is lost creating the potential for catastrophic failure. To effectively manage these key assets, transmission and distribution line operators monitor the condition of their lines. Historically this has involved deenergizing, cutting out a sample for inspection in a laboratory, and repairing using a sleeve. A time-consuming and expensive process.

LineVue® is a family of remotely operated Non-Destructive Inspection tools that measure the remaining cross-sectional area of the steel core wires and identify any local breaks or corrosion pits. LineVue® can be used on both energized (up to 500kv) and de-energized lines avoiding outages and providing instantaneous results without any need for laboratory analysis. Rates of surveying can increase from one a day to 8-12 and entire lengths of line are completely inspected rather than just sampled.

LineVue® has carried-out over 3,600 inspections providing detailed data on over 1 million kms of line.

The system inspects conductors with a steel core (aluminum conductor steel reinforced or aluminum core steel supported) as well as all steel or steel reinforced overhead ground wires.

The LineVue® Family Comprises:

  • The Transmission LineVue® Inspection Unit
  • The LineVue® Recovery Unit
  • Modular LineVue® Inspection Unit
  • Distribution LineVue® Inspection Unit

LineVue® products are used in our full LineVue Inspection service or may be leased to users as part of a fully supported package that includes training.

Why Us?

  • No Need to De-Energize

    Corona rings allow LineVue® products to be used on live wires up to 500kv, avoiding the need to deenergize prior to inspection.

  • Easily Deployed

    LineVue® can be deployed using a bucket truck, ropes/ladders, or a helicopter. The modular unit is deployed by a single operator.

  • Instant Results, No Sampling or Lab Analysis

    LineVue® inspects so that sampling, repairing, and analysis are not needed. Instead, data transmission from the tool to the base station provides immediate color-coded details on the remaining steel cross-section and identifies local faults such as pitting or local line breaks.

  • Available as a Service or For Lease

    We can undertake the inspection for you, analyze the results and provide advice or we can lease the equipment to you in a fully supported package that includes training. We will work with you to develop the package that most closely suits your needs.

  • Rapid, Error Free, Simple to Read Data

    Machine learning is used to remove noise and enable the computer system to select the optimum algorithm for data analysis. Data is presented in simple, easy-to-read, graphics.

  • Inaccessible Regions Made Accessible

    The recovery unit allows the transmission unit to be brought back to the installation point enabling easy inspection of spans that are not easily accessible.