The first step in protecting your workers from electrical hazards is to establish exactly what arc hazards may be present and then to take proactive steps to ensure a safe work environment.

Our electrical safety experts provide workplace evaluations to determine hazards and risks from electrical systems. The on-site analysis will identify arc flash hazards, risks, and severity of potential injuries, and provide recommendations on protective controls such as engineered barriers and circuit redesign. Further study will identify proper protective equipment and clothing for workers, provide suggestions on equipment labeling, and provide insights for improvement of your facility’s electrical safety program.

The hundreds of thousands of arc flash tests we have conducted and the fact that we have supported most PPE fabrics used in North America and around the world has led to our expertise being widely recognized in the industry. We offer full program services, or we can help support your site team, electrical contractors, or engineering firms with any services needed in the field.

Undertaking an arc flash study is not just an important workplace safety measure, it is required by law and mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) to meet the NFPA 70E standards. The consequences of failure can be devastating, even fatal.

You can trust us to undertake electrical studies to protect your workers and as an organization, meet the required health and safety needs for personnel working on electrical systems. To receive an online quotation, please submit a form at archazard.kinectrics.com.

Why Us?

  • Decades of Field and Laboratory Experience

    Our unmatched understanding of analysis tools and methodologies is reflected in our hundreds of completed arc flash studies and thousands of arc flash tests at our high-current laboratory.

  • Respected by Regulators

    We are intimately aware of the requirements in IEEE 1584-2018 and many other arc flash mitigation standards through our involvement with the committees that develop them.

  • Establishing the Right Level of Protection

    Realistic results on the scenarios we assess will avoid the overdressing of personnel and the creation of other types of safety issues.

  • One Stop Mitigation

    Once we have identified the risks, we get to work developing effective mitigation measures and engineered solutions that will keep your workplace and workers safe.