24 kV Turbo Generator Stator Bar - AC Breakdown Test

Understanding the condition of assets and identifying any age-related issues that could challenge the reliable operation of the equipment is at the heart of any lifecycle management approach for motors and generators. We apply expert knowledge and extensive testing capabilities to assess and quantify specific component degradation, the impacts on reliability, and the appropriate corrective or planned maintenance measures.

Our approach to generator and motor lifecycle management is to develop risk reduction programs that prevent unexpected events and extend the operating life of equipment. To enable this approach we provide cost-effective investigation and analysis. We conduct accelerated lifecycle testing and inspection services and we utilize our cradle-to-grave approach, backed up by comprehensive laboratory testing and field testing, to provide specialized consulting services.

The comprehensive visual inspection findings we perform, combined with detailed analysis of test results, provide the information needed to enable the best operational and commercial decisions to be made and to enhance asset performance.

Why Us?

  • Best-In-Class Services

    By adhering to accepted industry test standards, we set ourselves apart from the competition and ensure our services are best-in-class. Our quality services include “on-time” schedule performance and superior reporting.

  • A History of Excellence

    We are proud of our history when it comes to both client support and technical knowledge. Our specialized equipment and experienced personnel enable us to bring a new level of performance to your projects.

  • Independent Review

    Because we are a third-party independent lab you will know that our assistance with rewind planning for high-voltage rotating machines, our analysis of stator bar and coil integrity, and our verifications of the design and manufacturing process quality can all be relied on.

  • Working With You

    Our test and inspection plans begin with detailed client discussions. We take the time to understand the types of assets in service and their operating history and conditions and we take the time to review online data and confirm original equipment manufacturer recommendations and practices.