For decades, we have helped transmission and distribution companies ensure safe, reliable, and cost-effect operation, by measuring asset health, determining the importance of those assets, and providing an asset management decision model for component maintenance and replacement.

Energy utilities are facing increased regulatory and public pressure to make safety upgrades and other investments while at the same time holding down costs and rates for customers. Knowing what investments are needed for maintenance and upgrades requires technical knowledge and thorough assessment and planning supported by a detailed maintenance and replacement plan.

We perform equipment-focused asset condition management assessments for transmission and distribution stations and lines using health indexing to identify assets that require attention. We then apply risk-based methodologies to develop short-term and long-term action plans.

With the costs of remote-monitoring equipment and analytical software becoming more affordable, we are leveraging promising opportunities for transmission and distribution companies to make their asset-management programs more productive and economical. Utilizing advanced analytics, real-time performance data, and predictive algorithms, we can prevent asset failures, concentrate asset-management efforts on critical assets, avoid excess maintenance work or premature asset replacements, and bring valuable knowledge to your own team.

Our analytics and keen insights are helping people like you gain visibility and control over operational risks and asset-management programs, enabling you to reduce costs, increase reliability and improve regulatory confidence.

Why Us?

  • Led by World-Renowned Experts

    We have completed asset condition and risk assessment projects for a number of large, medium, and small utilities in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

  • Understanding Component Performance

    Our comprehensive range of testing services provides detailed information about the state of your assets and enables our in-house specialists to develop a strong appreciation of how these components will perform.

  • Up-to-Date Knowledge

    Sitting on various CIGRE committees helps us keep our knowledge of guiding standards up to date. We possess IAM accreditation and can work with our accredited partners to guide you through ISO55000 compliance assessments.

  • All Types of Equipment

    Power transformers, breakers, station-serviced equipment, overhead lines and their components, and underground cables, are all covered because we cover all major transmission and distribution assets.