At our in-house precision machining and prototyping facility, we utilize a range of techniques and state-of-the-art machines to produce high-precision parts that meet the highest quality standards.

Our advanced machining services team utilizes specialized equipment such as CNC machines, wire-and-sink electrical discharge machines, 3D printers, and modeling/manufacturing software to ensure correct programming and design compliances.

We offer rapid prototyping, batch machining, irradiated component repair – and we undertake larger production runs of custom items.

Why Us?

  • Fast Turnaround

    With a lot of experience to call upon, we can quickly establish the optimum production approach and develop the production process so that we can accommodate challenging production schedules. 3D printing is adding to our rapid response capability.

  • Careful Inspection

    Critical characteristics are established and used in the inspection of machined parts. Calibrated tools and machines, including coordinate measuring machines (CMM), are utilized prior to ensure that every part meets its technical specification.

  • Specialized Materials

    Specialized equipment and experience enable us to fabricate using materials that are difficult to machine such as zirconium, tungsten, nitronic, and titanium.

  • Repairs of Irradiated Components

    Our licensed facilities enable us to safely undertake the repair and maintenance of components that may be activated and/or contaminated.

  • Quality Assured Components

    The qualifications, processes, inspections, reviews, and acceptance levels for all machining processes are prescribed by our quality assurance (QA) program, ensuring quality requirements are documented and adhered to throughout the machining process.

  • High Precision Machining

    We provide parts with zero defects to a high degree of precision by using our CNC and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) equipment. We are able to complete the micro-machining of metallurgical samples down to 1 micron.