The planning, construction, or upgrading of an electrical distribution network is a complex task, as it needs to satisfy future demand with today's best economic plan of action. Energy distribution planning and investments require detailed planning and cost-efficient solutions for both development and long-term operation.

We can assess the physical and operational changes necessary to enable safe, reliable, and affordable services that meet your needs and help you satisfy your customer's developing expectations and their changing use of distributed energy resources.

Our distribution engineering and consulting services deliver value-added results to utilities and industrial clients with direct benefits that include:

  • Increased energy efficiency and minimized losses
  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Accurate estimates and extended equipment life
  • Effective customer retention support
  • Enhanced reliability and safety

Why Us?

  • Real World Experience

    Our team of experts has extensive experience of successfully solving distribution application problems.

  • Testing of all Types of Product

    We test all types of distribution products in our laboratories. and our team continuously monitors trends and new technologies.

  • Fast and Professional

    When there is a safety issue arising from an equipment failure or your staff have concerns that must be dealt with promptly you can rely on our fast, professional, response.

  • Broad Range of Support

    With a broad base of expertise, we can help equip you to address issues such as customer satisfaction and retention, product differentiation, and energy efficiency.