In order to operate a nuclear facility safely and efficiently it is important to understand the condition of materials and structures after they are installed and to periodically verify their condition and integrity throughout their life. Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) allows information to be collected without adversely impacting the inspected component. Normally used for such things as flaw detection, microstructure identification, and dimensional measurement, NDE is often a license requirement for a nuclear facility.

Inspection techniques include everything from simple visual inspections all the way through to complex computer-generated- image-based inspections that use techniques like phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT).

Installed components may not be easily accessible, either because of where they are physically located or because they are in a harsh environment, so successful NDE is equal part selection of the appropriate inspection tools and delivering those tools accurately and reliably to the right place. In nuclear facilities, many inspections must take place in high radiation fields and tools are operated remotely at some distance from the inspected component to minimize the dose to operators.

Our tooling development and testing service reflects the balance between the delivery mechanism and the inspection tooling and includes ongoing innovation in inspection techniques and the careful, experience-based, design of appropriate delivery tools. If you need an inspection carried-out and the technology is not presently available, then you should talk to us so that we can develop a solution together.

Why Us?

  • Operational Experience

    We are extensively involved in providing NDE services, detecting some of the tiniest flaws in some of the harshest conditions, so we understand the challenges involved in developing reliable assets and then maintaining them.

  • Maintenance and Decontamination

    Maintaining and decontaminating tools is something we understand because we do it on the tools we use to do inspections for you. Our designs incorporate the lessons learned so that your tools will be easy to maintain and will work reliably for their full life expectancy.

  • Solutions for Any Industry

    When it comes to NDE technology development our capabilities apply to many industries but are most suited to safety-related applications in industries such as nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, and aerospace.

  • Foreign Material Exclusion (FME)

    Foreign material exclusion (FME) is a key requirement in key nuclear environments, and we design to ensure this objective is met. You can be sure our tools will exclude all foreign materials.

  • State-of-the-Art Detection Systems

    By continuously exploring new techniques and applications for NDE technologies, we provide optimal solutions to the most challenging inspection requirements.

  • Full Range of Services

    Our “cradle-to-grave” capabilities for new tooling include tooling concept design studies, detailed design, fabrication, testing, qualification, and post-delivery support.