Reverse Engineering Services Overview

Reverse engineering is a process that is used to address component obsolescence. It involves establishing the key issues of form, fit, and function and developing an alternative that meets all these requirements.

These new reverse-engineered component provide the same functionality and performance as the legacy component and can be installed in a nuclear facility without the need for any additional modifications.

We provide both a reverse engineering services, in which we develop the reverse-engineered component, and a range of reverse-engineered products that look, function, and perform as reliably or better than the original.

Why Us?

  • Timely & Successful

    We ensure that the safety functions of the component and parent system are well understood, the design requirements are clearly documented and the original manufacturer's data is validated. The result is the timely and successful development of the reverse-engineered component.

  • Better than the Original

    In addition to considering the original equipment design we also take into account any operational experience (OPEX) and use the “Timeless Design” principle to avoid design complexity. The result is a component that is better than the original and which will continue to be available.

  • Extensive Knowledge of Components

    An extensive approved supplier list combined with our industry knowledge gives us access to a broad range of dependable components that we use in our reverse-engineered solutions.

  • Continued Support

    After we have developed a component for you we will provide original equipment management support for subsequent component replacement including for high-volume production runs.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    All the design and assembly is done in-house by our skilled staff enabling us to ensure quality while providing cost-effective solutions.

  • Scalable

    Our production facility is scalable to order volume, with production runs ranging from single units up to several thousands of units.