Arc Testing

When it comes to vetting how electrical worker’s personal protective equipment (PPE) products will perform in the field, our years of testing experience and industry knowledge provides both reliable results and peace of mind.

As pioneers in the science of testing, we offer a wide range of PPE testing services that continues to innovate and lead the industry in the delivery of top-quality, accurate arc rating.

Our ISO 17025-accredited high current laboratory offers stringent quality control and certification testing to ASTM D6413 vertical flame, glove testing to ANSI 105 and EN 388, and other small-scale tests that ensure your products and PPE are compliant with the regulations. Our testing options cover industrial arc flash, flame, and thermal PPE products including textiles, garments, fall protection, arc flash hoods, arc-rated gloves, cut-resistant gloves, and more. We also provide a range of testing for Arc Rated PPE, Flame-Resistant PPE, High-Vis Safety apparel, cut/puncture/abrasion resistance, and various textiles for firefighting applications.

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Why Us?

  • Leaders in Standard Test Methods

    The testing we provide is always complete, accurate, and unbiased and is accepted by both UL and SEI for certification programs. Our scientists and engineers have decades of experience and are trusted throughout the PPE industry. They have long held leadership positions on a variety of Committees (e.g., ASTM, IEC, NFPA, etc.) responsible for writing and maintaining International Standard Test Methods associated with Arc Flash Testing.

  • Decades of Experience

    Our high current laboratory has been providing advanced technical services for over 50 years. It is recognized as a premier lab and is supported by a team of PPE and textile professionals who each have a distinguished background in flame, thermal and electrical safety testing. With diverse qualifications in textiles, engineering, flash fire, and electrical arc testing, our team utilizes our state-of-the-art lab to provide comprehensive testing that ensures the safest possible work environment for your staff.

  • Adaptability for Non-Standard Work

    Our experience and expertise position us well to aid with product development, standards interpretation, and legal consultation. Our breadth of knowledge enables us to deliver a variety of non-standard arc flash tests and carry out R&D projects, produce video material for marketing videos, Accident Recreations, Training Opportunities, and more.