Having our local offices situated near to your operating facilities is truly a catalyst in developing strong relationships and helps ensure that the critical services your operations need are at your fingertips. They create the opportunity for efficient communication, direct personal accountability, and cost-effective site services.

Often located on or very close to your sites, our regional facilities make it easy for you to do business with us and for you to easily access all our services through direct, regular, contact with our locally accountable representatives. Our localized capabilities meet specific local needs such as project management & controls, design & engineering, nuclear safety & licensing, radioactive laundry, and tool servicing.

We build special working relationships with you because our local offices allow us to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of your business, as well as your working practices. This enables us to refine our services to better meet your needs and additionally to become a valued member of your community.

Our ever-growing local presence includes facilities in Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Romania, India, the UK, and the USA.

Why Us?

  • Customized Services

    Our local facilities allow us to deliver specialized local services. Our new office in Saskatchewan will support Small Modular Reactor deployment by providing access to the planning, engineering, and licensing support needed to site and build a reactor.

  • Local Commitment

    We employ local talent to support our site service lines and we integrate local suppliers into our international supply chain. In addition, we work with local universities and other educational institutes to develop technologies and programs that grow local talent.

  • Accessible Expertise, Dependable Solutions

    You can access the full range of our products and services through our local offices which act as a base for our local employees to deliver site services efficiently, effectively, and promptly.

  • Appreciating Customer’s Needs

    Working closely with you, we learn and appreciate your operating practices, plans, and operating environment. This enables us to align our services and precisely meet your needs.