Procurement engineering is all about ensuring that any goods or services that you need are fit-for-purpose and satisfy your needs for quality, cost, and delivery. It is an increasingly important part of construction and operation, particularly for nuclear facilities where provenance is essential.

So much more than just the basic tendering process, procurement engineering includes establishing what goods and services will be needed and when, and whether the existing supply chain can support the needs. It also involves the development of quality assurance requirements, the application of the right codes and standards, the specification of other required qualifications, the release of hold points, and finally acceptance. Procurement engineers are also responsible for recording actions so that it is possible to establish exactly what is being used in the plant and what has been done to the plant.

We operate a center of excellence for procurement engineering that is staffed with a multi-disciplinary team who have a wealth of experience encompassing all aspects of design engineering, procurement engineering, and plant modification services. Our professionals identify and complete the various documents and paperwork required for all phases of a design project including scoping, preliminary design, detailed design, construction planning, installation, and commissioning.

Why Us?

  • Experienced Team

    Comprised of highly trained and experienced personnel our procurement engineering team is capable of performing the roles of procurement engineering technicians for all mechanical, civil, electrical, and instrumentation and controls (I&C) scopes.

  • Comprehensive Informed Service

    An extensive approved supplier list, accompanying supply chain knowledge, a capacity to undertake essential tests in-house, regulatory knowledge, and an advanced appreciation of codes and standards ensures that our service is comprehensive and informed.

  • Breadth of Services

    We offer a wide range of procurement engineering services, including Catalog ID creation & screening, PE evaluations, item, IEEs, EBOM creation and updates, and critical spare assessments.

  • Operating Experience

    Through working with our colleagues we have gained valuable operating experience and lessons learned and we use that knowledge to ensure our services are predictable and reliable.

  • All Aspects of Procurement Engineering

    We have completed a multitude of screenings, evaluations, item equivalency evaluations (IEEs), engineering bill of materials (EBOM) updates, and assessments.

  • Integrating with your Internal Systems

    In order to work efficiently and seamlessly and to avoid any data replication errors we will work with you to integrate our work directly into your internal procurement systems.