Nuclear facilities are required to have a license to operate and this is typically provided by a national regulator. To obtain a license an operator describes the technology and how it will operate and provides the information required to satisfy the regulator that it will be safe and will comply with all applicable regulations. Once the license is granted an operator must operate in compliance with their license and be capable of demonstrating that they are doing so.

Licensing and regulatory compliance is where all these issues come together and includes the development of the license application and all the required supporting information, working with the regulator to make sure their requirements are met, and ensuring the ongoing operations are compliant with the license.

The work involved spans safety assessment, regulatory affairs, and compliance reviews. There are periods of intense activity as a new license is prepared or an application for an extension of an existing license is taking place. But it is also an ongoing process to maintain regulator confidence.

It is a complex exercise that requires a knowledge of the regulations, an appreciation of how the regulator will interpret and apply them, and the practicalities of station operation including the capability to inspect and manage safety critical assets.

We have a comprehensive and integrated approach to Licensing and Regulatory Compliance that can be accessed through such things as unique safety analyses and advice and training on the process, or we can manage the entire licensing process for you.

Why Us?

  • Integrated Safety Case and Nuclear Licensing

    An integrated approach to all licensing matters including the development of the safety case not only means we deliver a service that meets your needs but ensures that the service is holistic and complete.

  • Resolving Complex Licensing Issues

    Supported by a broad range of subject matter experts and armed with strong relationships with regulators, we resolve specific arising issues and develop solutions to complex licensing challenges.

  • Specialists in Each Aspect of the Process

    Our extensive team includes experts in regulatory affairs, safety assessments, procurement engineering, auditing, human performance, radiation protection, and much more.

  • All Nuclear Facilities

    In addition to our work on the reactors themselves, we have been supporting licensing of waste management, isotope production, and tritium recovery facilities. No matter the technology we have people and processes that can help.

  • All Nuclear Power Technologies

    We have led licensing projects for many different nuclear technologies including full-scale reactors, advanced reactors, small modular reactors (SMRs), fast reactors, molten salt reactors, high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, and even fusion.

  • Understanding the Regulator

    Many of our team members were involved in creating the regulatory documents and requirements, as they joined us from senior positions with the regulator. We continue to have world-renowned experts sitting on both Canadian and international standards associations.