Because it's the last line of defense, kicking in to protect individuals where engineering and administrative controls have failed, it’s important that PPE works and is not just providing a false sense of security. Whether it is protecting people from electric arcs, keeping radioactive dust off an operator’s skin or chemicals and viruses out of our respiratory tracts, we have facilities for manufacturing, maintaining, and testing PPE.

Why Us?

  • International Standards

    Wherever you are in the world and whether you are buying, selling or using PPE we can help as our labs test to international standards.

  • Advanced Radioactive Laundry

    Our fully equipped, high volume, nuclear laundry leases, cleans, inspects, repairs, and replaces all launderable PPE, ensuring that the clothing is available when you need it.

  • PPE Supplier with Testing Expertise

    Given that we are experts in testing PPE it should be no surprise that the PPE we supply, including our MK3B plastic suits for the nuclear industry, provide best in class protection.

  • Demonstrating Compliance

    We enable manufacturers to demonstrate compliance of their products to regulators and allow buyers to affirm that their supplies are genuine and will achieve their designated objectives.