Transformers are some of the most reliable components on the electrical grid, but failures do occur and when they do, it is often catastrophic with collateral damage to transmission and distribution (T&D) systems potentially resulting in large-area blackouts for consumers. Such failures may occur as a result of fabrication issues, degradation, moisture ingress, sabotage/mischief, rodent intrusion, and inadequate maintenance.

Drawing on over 100 years of power system equipment knowledge and experience, our multi-disciplinary teams, supported by our extensive laboratory and testing facilities, allow us to identify the root cause of transformer failures.

Our comprehensive forensic services include site investigation and laboratory testing and then our formal problem-solving analysis techniques enable us to provide reliable root cause analysis.

Why Us?

  • Complete and Timely, Site Investigations

    We are always ready to mobilize to the site to perform diagnostic and specialized tests including sweep frequency response analysis [SFRA], dielectric spectroscopy, and partial and discharge measurement, as a first step in a forensic analysis

  • Trusted, Experienced and Independent Team

    As an independent third-party organization, with a detailed knowledge of transformer design, construction, testing, and operation we can provide you with quality results and act as subject matter experts and expert witnesses in legal matters if required.

  • Big or Small We Know Them all

    We have experience in failure analysis of all types of transformers from small instrument transformers to large, high-voltage power transformers.

  • Timely and Secure

    Keeping everything in-house enables us to carry out a complete evaluation in a timely manner while ensuring that your data is kept safe and secure.