Our skid design and fabrication (SD&F) team provides custom turnkey modular solutions for use in the energy industry.

By using a modular or skid-based approach, our systems are built and tested in a controlled environment and then delivered to the site when all the in-house testing is complete. The modular nature of the final product ensures that the integration on-site is smooth and helps de-risk projects. All our work is guided by our comprehensive oversight and careful management of the production schedule.

Why Us?

  • Comprehensive Design/Build Capability

    We provide turnkey solutions by developing the design and then fabricating the fully functional skid system. The end result is a skid or module that is tested, calibrated, commissioned, and ready to operate.

  • In-house Machining and Prototyping

    Our in-house machining and prototyping service enables the specialized fabrication of custom parts, made from a variety of materials, to quickly and efficiently produce components that are not available from the supply chain.

  • We Understand Operating Environments

    Working closely with you allows us to ensure that technical your requirements are established and met. We also understand the processes that must be used and the importance of material and component availability so that our designs are functional, maintainable, and cost-effective.

  • Fusion Fuel Systems

    Supported by our R&D laboratories, and our tritium handling, measurement, and processing capabilities, we provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for the fusion fuel cycle including process system design modeling and testing of the equipment.

  • FAT and On-site Commissioning

    Prior to delivery, we conduct comprehensive factory acceptance testing (FAT) to validate the design and intended operation of the skid system. We also undertake on-site commissioning and provide skid-specific training to your operations personnel.

  • Integrated Approach

    By integrating expertise that extends from design all the way through to operation we design skids and modules that are easy to build, operate, service, and maintain so that you can be confident they will meet all your specifications.