Robust security at a nuclear power plant is critical to safeguard against potential threats and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive materials. Nuclear security of plant operations encompasses a wide range of measures and protocols designed to protect the facility, its personnel, and the surrounding environment.

We provide full turn-key nuclear security and safeguards solutions for reactor technology developers, utility operators, and other nuclear facility owners around the world, including:

  • Assessment of malevolent act prevention, mitigation and management
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Target set analysis
  • Evaluation of plant vulnerabilities and damage scenarios
  • Civil/structural assessments
  • Fire and shock effects
  • Blast analysis

Why Us?

  • Global Reach

    Our staff have experience working in a variety of nuclear jurisdictions including Canada, the US, and the UK. Many of our staff have security clearances in multiple jurisdictions and we help our customers comply with global requirements, maximizing the export potential and minimizing costs.

  • Nuclear Experts

    Nuclear security requires experience with security assessments and design, but also an in-depth understanding of the principles of nuclear safety, nuclear material accounting, licensing and regulatory compliance, and nuclear operations.

  • Dedicated Nuclear Security Personnel & Infrastructure

    Nuclear security work requires all personnel to have the requisite security clearances and to operate in compliance with procedures for sensitive information. We have governmental approvals, dedicated security-compliant IT systems, and working procedures to manage our customers’ sensitive information and ensure that it remains secure.