Contributes to Fight Against COVID-19

Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including face masks, respirators, and gowns, are powerful tools that we can deploy to prevent the spread of viruses and protect healthcare providers and the public from biohazards.

We apply our expertise in aerosol and decontamination research to study the effectiveness of various types of masks, respirators, and gowns to ensure they meet the specific standards for health protection.

We were the first accredited commercial provider of full-scope ASTM F2100 medical face mask testing in Canada aiding in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Us?

  • World-Class Facilities and Expertise

    Our experienced staff supports the needs of medical PPE testing by using our specialized facilities. This provides assurance of the effectiveness of medical protective equipment following NIOSH, ASTM, and AATCC guidelines.

  • Aging Tests

    COVID-19 raised awareness of the importance of testing to confirm the quality and performance of face masks following storage. We conduct ASTM F1980, accelerated aging tests that determine the effects of time on the integrity of medical PPE.

  • Efficient Evaluation of Test Data

    All our ASTM F2100 mask testing, NIOSH 95 respirator testing, and PB70 gown testing is carried-out in-house. This allows our team to evaluate and validate test data efficiently

  • Quality Assured

    We are ISO 17025 accredited by the Standard Council of Canada for ASTM F2100, NIOSH N95 PFE and Breathing Resistance, and ASTM F3502.