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Health & Safety

Safety is our culture. Quality is our promise. We are determined to ensure that everyone who comes to one of our +20 locations goes home safely at the end of each day.

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Safety Message

We provide testing, inspection, certification, and engineering consulting for the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution markets worldwide.

Our work can be inherently dangerous, that is why it is critically important that anyone working or visiting our site follows all of our safety practices and procedures.

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Health and Safety Policy

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Safety Process

We begin our Safety Hazard defenses with conducting a Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) for all our operations and projects.

This ongoing process provides us an opportunity to identify and work towards eliminating or controlling our residual workplace risks.

Job Safety Analysis

Our next level of defense is our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process which is completed for all our work and work areas.

We require all workers be informed of the risks and the protection methods in place prior to any work beginning. The JSA is also reviewed by the management team and depending on the level of risk identified may involve the senior leadership review and approval.

Pre-Job Brief

Our next layer of defense is the Pre-Job Brief (aka Safety Talk, Tailboard Talk) this allows all of the workers involved in a project to review the hazards in the task, how we will eliminate or otherwise control them at the project site.

Depending on the risk level identified, this can be done verbally or written with formal signs offs required.

Take Two

Our next barrier is called Take Two which is a process where workers conduct a self-assessment of the work they will be preforming and determine if the controls in place will protect them from the identified hazards.

If the controls are deemed adequate, the worker can proceed, if not they need to stop work and connect with their supervisor. We also strongly encourage everyone to “Stop When Unsure” which is a part of our CORE 4 Human Performance Tools, which are reviewed below.

Core 4 Human Performance Tools

Core 4 Human Performance Tools

Safety Procedures and CORE 4

We are currently updating our Safety Management program and procedures from the BSI 18001 standard to the ISO 45001. This will support our continued efforts to eliminate workplace injuries and illness with a world-class safety management system.

We also realize the benefits from using Human Performance tools to reduce human errors in our workplace. We have chosen 4 of these tools and refer to them as the CORE 4.

Let's Work Together

Whether it’s about our world-renowned team, our laboratories, or our lifecycle management solutions, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.