As the global power industry expands to meet consumer demands for electricity, the volume of data it produces has increased and become more complex. To process, analyze, and leverage these data streams, system managers rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to quickly and efficiently compile the information needed to maintain safe operations.

We support a wide variety of AI & ML applications used by nuclear and transmission & distribution industries to help efficiently leverage large volumes of data, obtain insight and information quickly, as well as automate manually intensive and error-prone processes.

Our dedicated AI & ML team has successfully implemented machine learning across several projects in highly regulated environments under our existing quality procedures.

Why Us?

  • Nuclear and T&D Experience

    Our technical expertise in the Nuclear and T&D industries as well as our familiarity with station and system components and processes, allow us to leverage our engineering experience to influence Machine Learning models. This provides increased confidence in model performance and accuracy.

  • Industry Leaders in Data Analytics

    With many years of experience in data analytics, and as a recognized leader in AI/ML, our understanding of the first principles behind the methodologies allows us to tailor and modify our models to the specific needs of customers.

  • Efficient Analysis

    We can use AI and ML tools to efficiently analyze large volumes of data, using processes not possible with traditional data analysis. The data we analyze can be structured (i.e., databases) or unstructured (i.e., reports).

  • Automation & Risk Reduction

    Given a set of conditions, we can help you teach a machine to learn from previous human responses. This enables the capture of human expertise to manually automate intensive and error-prone processes, while allowing for better utilization of your workforce.