Cybersecurity, the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks, is very important to electricity generating stations, especially nuclear facilities, where fine control is essential in order to maintain safe and reliable operation.

A strong cybersecurity strategy is like the safety principals of the plant. Cybersecurity uses a defense in depth approach with layers of protection to defend against cyber-crime, including cyber-attacks that attempt to take over control of systems, change or remove data or in some other way disrupt normal operation.

We have been supporting the successful implementation of cybersecurity programs and modifications for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in critical infrastructure sector since it was first recognized as an issue. Our cybersecurity services are comprehensive and address all stages of program implementation.

We have implemented solutions within our client's physical and procedural framework and understand the challenges the critical infrastructure sector are facing. We provide functional support to both the operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) security-focused teams within your organization.

Why Us?

  • Development of One-Line Diagrams

    The comprehensive one-line diagrams we produce give a simplistic review of cybersecurity capabilities enabling the full defensive architecture to be easily seen and understood.

  • Comprehensive Systematic Assessment

    By systematically assessing your processes, procedures, and assets and addressing all stages of cybersecurity program implementation we ensure all the cybersecurity needs are met.

  • Qualified and Security-Cleared

    Our team includes qualified security-cleared engineers and analysts in Canada and the United States with experience in systematically assessing client processes and procedures in compliance with NEI-13-10 and CSA N290.7.

  • Strong Working Relationships

    Working closely with vendors and suppliers allows us to ensure assets are classified and remediated properly. This includes obtaining schematics and interfacing with component manufacturer’s engineers to ensure proper identification.

  • Value Added Solutions

    We support your every need, helping you remove cybersecurity threats and developing contingency plans in case a threat materializes,

  • In-house Human Factors Engineering

    Our human factors engineering (HFE) specialists provide input to design based on HFE analysis and validation.