Health physics, and its closely associated activity of radiation protection, is the science of enabling people to benefit from the use of radioactive materials while protecting them and the environment from hazardous levels of radiation. It considers all aspects of exposure including exposure to external radiation and the potential for ingestion or inhalation. Health physicists are responsible for the design of shielding and containment, planning work, and estimating dose budgets. They then monitor levels of exposure and uptake using radiation detectors and the bioassay of collected samples.

People potentially exposed to radioactive environments are required to follow the principles of ALARA or ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Achievable or As Low As Reasonably Practicable) and health physicists are responsible for ensuring these principles are applied.

Our full-scope health physics and radiation protection services include shielding estimates, shielding design, dose budget calculations, monitoring, and bioassay. We also use our experience to advise on compliance with industry best practice or regulator expectations.

Why Us?

  • Highly Qualified Teams

    Certified health physicists and radiation and health physics professionals with extensive in-field experience lead our work in nuclear power, medical isotopes, containment, transportation, fuel fabrication, and waste management.

  • Industry Best Practice

    Our subject matter experts remain up-to-date through their ongoing work on projects and through serving on a range of international and Canadian committees ensuring that our advice and proposed practices are always compliant.

  • Cost-Effective, High-Quality Solutions

    Experience enables us to quickly develop shielding designs, efficiently apply the right models, and develop approaches to projects that minimize dose.

  • Wide Range of Applications

    We have worked on a wide variety of projects including station operations, outages, waste management, transportation, and isotope production.

  • Part of a Bigger Picture

    By integrating our health physics services with many other aspects of our business including licensing, regulatory affairs, safety assessment, waste management, and decommissioning we offer a one-stop shop for radiation protection.

  • Direct and Indirect

    The services we offer include the assessment of dose resulting from both direct and indirect (e.g., skyshine) exposures and include the assessment of shielding for gamma, neutron, beta, and other radiation fields