Component testing is often utilized to help ensure the equipment will meet its intended performance under normal operating conditions and in design basis, and other beyond design basis scenarios. Many of the tests are required by regulators to demonstrate operational safety.

With extensive nuclear experience, our team of experts can work with you to develop and execute the right-sized test plans that ensure safety and performance requirements are met.

Our nuclear facilities include:

  • A Dedicated Loss of Coolant Accident Rig
  • Environmental Testing Chambers
  • Shaker Tables for Seismic Testing
  • A Burst Test Rig
  • Autoclaves for Corrosion Tests
  • An Irradiated Materials Testing Facility

Why Us?

  • Customized Testing to Meet Your Needs

    Our industry experts will work with you to identify the required tests and the best way to execute them or will recommend alternative solutions and approaches that will achieve your objectives. We also advise on the results.

  • One-Stop-Shop for Testing

    In our wide variety of testing facilities, we are able to test entire systems, individual components, cables, electrical penetrations, valves, instrumentation, and all types of electrical and mechanical equipment.

  • Regulatory Knowledge

    We have worked with regulators around the world so that we can help you develop the most effective and efficient test program no matter where your project is based.

  • Accuracy and Control

    State-of-the-art and custom-designed equipment are operated by our skilled technicians and engineers, to ensure that you get precise and accurate results.

  • Responsive and Timely

    If emergent issues arise we will use our broad range of in-house subject matter experts to support the quick turnaround times that will meet your needs.

  • The Specialist Tests You Need

    In addition to the standard tests, we offer essential specialist tests that include loss of coolant accident (LOCA) tests and burst tests for steam generator and feeder tubes.