Reliable communications are taking on an ever-increasing role for utilities when it comes to safe and reliable protection and control of the power grid. Our extensive experience in designing and commissioning relay systems enables us to undertake testing and to provide consulting support to both planned designs and existing systems. Our protection expertise includes transmission, distribution, generation and industrial segments and is focused on optimizing the reliability and safety of power grids.

Our laboratory contains all of the equipment necessary to help you meet the new set of global standards for IEC 61850 and, achieve significant savings with in-house integration and “plug and work” approaches.

Why Us?

  • Independent Services

    We provide independent testing for performance verification, proof of concept, homologation, and type tests for substation automation systems and equipment, including control, communication, and intelligent electronic devices (protective relays).

  • IEC 61850 Verification for Substations

    Our IEC 61850 system verification lab is one of the first in North America to mitigate risk and facilitate a smooth transition for the deployment of modern substation automation systems.

  • Informed Testing

    With engineers that are experts in component and system testing who use industrial and new leading-edge standards and state-of-the-art equipment, you can be sure you will get the tests you need.

  • Helping Develop Reliable Systems

    We evaluate existing protection philosophies and practices and compare them against industry best practices to recommend upgrades to protection and control systems and help drive improvements.