Nuclear facilities produce wastes in a variety of forms. Some arise from routine operations, some from repeated but occasional maintenance activities, and others from one-off events. These waste forms must be appropriately controlled and managed to achieve cost-effective and safe, processing and disposal.

New approaches to waste management continue to evolve and include better characterization and sorting, volume reduction (compaction, concentration, incineration, decontamination), solidification, and repackaging. The wastes can be radioactive, potentially radioactive, hazardous and they can be solids, liquids, or gases.

We provide a comprehensive waste management service that includes waste characterization, research and development, design and supply of waste processing equipment, design and supply of waste packaging, and the provision of processing services. We work with very low-level, low-level, and intermediate-level radioactive waste, hazardous wastes, and mixed wastes.

Why Us?

  • Expertise and Experience

    With over 20 years of experience in waste characterization, scaling factor development, chemistry, licensing, radiation protection, and health physics, it's not surprising that our key team members serve on the standards development committees that develop nuclear standards.

  • Proven Techniques

    Proven techniques are used to process and dispose of contaminated PCBs, and problematic mixed wastes, and extract carbon-14 from ion exchange resins. We have also managed drums of contaminated heavy water that were highly alkaline and contaminated with brine and tritium.

  • Innovative Processes

    We have developed and patented unique waste processes that solve some of the nuclear industry's biggest waste management challenges.

  • Performance and Reliability

    Our major projects are supported by our best-in-class project management office to ensure they achieve your objectives with a quality product in a timely manner.