Understanding the structural health of transmission towers as they span a variety of terrains, environmental conditions, and weather patterns is critical to maintaining overhead lines.

By using real-time monitoring on these towers, we can accurately assess the vibration stresses caused by wind loading and measure the effectiveness of vibration mitigation strategies to avoid potential collapse and breakages.

Our tower vibration monitoring service collects the critical data needed to provide confidence in the safety and reliability of tower structures, enabling you to properly plan and execute maintenance and replacement strategies for years to come.

Why Us?

  • Protecting Transmission Towers

    Real-time vibration data protects transmission towers by indicating when failure due to fatigue may occur and enabling the appropriate actions to be implemented so that costly outages can be avoided and public safety can be maintained.

  • Mitigating the Consequence of Climate Change

    With today's changing climate and its more severe weather occurrences, knowing the condition of your towers is more important than ever. Real-time monitoring enables you to understand how those changes may affect your transmission towers.

  • Custom Services

    Our long-standing experience in monitoring various structure types and configurations allows us to customize our service to perfectly suit your project circumstances.

  • Rugged and Reliable

    Supported by extensive field testing our rugged system can withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh elements.

  • Full Support Services

    We back our tower monitoring service with a full range of other capabilities including forensic analysis if a failure does occur, testing to determine predicted life, and materials selection for new or replacement towers.

  • Suitable for Remote Locations

    Uninterrupted data collection is made possible by using a variety of power sources so that our tower vibration monitoring system can be reliably installed in remote locations.