Isotopes are different forms of the same element containing the same number of protons but differing numbers of neutrons, Their atomic masses differ, but their chemical properties are all but identical.

Medical isotopes are made by bombarding a target made of a particular stable isotope so that its nucleus changes and it becomes a new, unstable, radioactive isotope. Some of these target materials are rare isotopes, present only as a small proportion of the naturally occurring material.

The stable isotope is produced by enrichment from the naturally occurring material using specialized processes such as electromagnetic accelerators, gas centrifuges, lasers, and other similar hi-tech equipment. Historically, it has mostly been done at government laboratories, many of which are not designed to support the growing demand and in some cases only exist in unstable countries.

We are developing new approaches to stable isotope production in order to create a reliable North American, high-volume, production capability. In 2023, we began supplying ytterbium-176, creating a reliable supply of this critical material that is used in the production of lutetium-177, a promising new cancer treatment. Other stable isotopes will follow as we develop the technology and as demand arises.

Why Us?

  • Reliable Supplies

    With production taking place in a politically stable country using commercial plant owned and operated by an organization that prides itself on its customer service, you can be sure deliveries will be reliable and secure.

  • Scalable and Flexible

    Our production processes will be designed to meet anticipated market demands, supplying research quantities or meeting full-scale commercial demands as you require and as the market develops.

  • Dedicated to You

    If you are an isotope producer then our stable isotope supply service will serve you as its primary purpose and will not be a by-product of another mission.

  • Cost-Effective

    We appreciate that the successful commercialization of your product requires that the price of the source material is right. We will work with you to achieve this.